24 Hour Read-a-thon

SO last week I was trawling through booktube and saw lots of people vlogging themselves over 24 hours of reading. But I thought I’m not that camera friendly, so to hell with ease of format, I’ll blog it! So here are my notes as I read for 24 hours. (But I still slept, priorities.)


22.16pm – Have decided to do 24 hour read-a-thon. My impromptu TBR list:
Cloud Atlas – David Mitchell (currently on page 254/529)
Daughters of Fire – Barbara Erskine (558pgs)
Saga: Volume 2 – Brian Vaughan & Fiona Staples (144pgs)
This will 100% change. I thought I’d do this because I always read in short snatches. I don’t usually force myself to read because for me I’m just cramming words into my head without thinking about it, but I really want to get some reading done.

22.57pm – found a reading playlist on spotify, am set.

22.58pm – The first song is the Jurassic Park theme.


23.36pm – 20pgs read – Eyes closing. Sleep.

5.44am – Am somehow awake so just going to go with it.

6.16am – 37pgs read – Hungry to distraction. Getting food.

6.21am – Spilt milk on sheets. Will now waste valuable time washing sheets.

9.24am – 200pgs read – Realising I am a very distracted reader. Also, have been roped into helping my parents pack their caravan. Involuntary break.

10.58am – 230pgs read – Put milk sheets in the wash. Reading on my mattress, feeling very NY abandoned loft apartment.

14.15pm – 281pgs read – Have been watching the new Game of Thrones ep and eating lots of olives and feel like a 6 year old with a sugar rush so don’t think I’ll be settling back down to reading quite yet.

14.21 – still 281pgs read – Emptying washer and listening to GOT soundtrack.

17.34pm – FINISHED Cloud Atlas, and multiple episodes of Archer. It was very well written, and I did enjoy how the separate stories interlinked, but I also think I expected a bit more. Think I deserve some more food.

17.56pm – Decided on Saga: Vol 2 because it’s a graphic novel and I KNOW it’s basically cheating in the eyes of God but everyone does it.

19.37pm – Saga FINISHED. I absolutely love this series so far, it’s the first graphic novel series I’m reading, it’s a great into. The art work is amazing and I literally LOL at the dialogue. I have no idea what to start next, I have just skimmed the first few pages of ‘Daughters of Fire’ by Barbara Erskine (which is about an early Celtic queen as her lands are invaded, parallel to the story of a historian researching the queen) but it seems a lot more politically heavy then I originally thought, so going to try and get into something a bit lighter.

19.40pm – Wanted to start ‘The Eyre Affair’ by Jasper Fforde, but accidentally started a new episode of Archer.

20.01pm – Starting The Eyre Affair!

20.31pm – 30pgs read – It’s so weird reading multiple books in one day, my brain is trying to keep up with the different writing styles. Only 30 pages in but The Eyre Affair is already so different. It’s based in 1985, in an alternate world where the Crimean war is still going on. It’s so not serious compared to the Cloud Atlas. Hungry again.

21.57pm – 62pgs read – Watched more Archer and am making sausage cobs. Edward Rochester has made his appearance in The Eyre Affair (inevitably) and my knees are weak.

22.35 – Still 62pgs read – Just remembered I woke up at 5.30am this morning. Tired.

23.00pm – 77pgs read – Done. Exhausted. Zzzz
Wrap up:
Cloud Atlas – 275 pages read
Saga: Vol 2 – 144 pages read
The Eyre Affair – 77 pages read
OVERALL: 496 pages read

In conclusion, I am so proud that I not only finished Cloud Atlas, which I’ve been reading for AGES but read another and started a third book! I was super distracted throughout, ate and watched a lot of TV but despite it read more than I have in ages.
ALSO Cloud Atlas: 4 stars. This is about 6 separate stories of 6 separate characters, and you follow them all throughout history. Not only is Mitchell a master of writing in multiple styles and genres, he manages to make you invested in each part.
Saga: Vol 2: 4 stars. A really good follow up to the first volume, with breathtaking artwork and getting to know the characters more.
The Eyre Affair: 3 stars. (Have now finished) This was a fun read, though it took me some time to get into the style, it was quite refreshing to read something not so serious, and parodical. However I feel like I didn’t really connect with Thursday as a character, and a cheesy ending that I really thought could have been better.

And that’s that! Thanks for reading about my reading.

Katherine x







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